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The brief To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the European Defence Agency (EDA) decided to publish an elegant book recalling its origins, its core values, its missions as well as its main achievements and goals. The aim of this unique item was to strengthen the Agency’s visual identity and establish its leadership. In addition, the EDA asked for support to obtain contributions from leading specialists in the fields of defence and geopolitics to guarantee a forward-looking editorial vision behind the book.

Our proposal EU-turn proposed a fine and appealing book, titled ’10 Years of Working Together’, with full-page photo spreads, a fifth colour in silver and a special margin layout technique, providing an overall dynamic style. Content-wise, the book was the result of several months of archive research, interviews, as well as external contributions from various high-level European defence experts. In addition, each book was presented in a made-to-measure case, lined in foam for extra protection and a stylish display.

We’re proud of the luxurious look of the book, a great gift marking an occasion to remember. And we’re happy we invited our clients to an exclusive visit of the printing facility during production, which we all remember and enjoyed very much.