European Defence Agency



Event management 
Brand listening 
Digital intelligence
Branding and design 

The brief Every year, the European Defence Agency organizes a high-level conference which requires support to make every new occasion a success.

Our proposal From the design of prestigious event materials and the management of subcontractors through to the onsite coordination, EU-turn has been in charge of the whole logistical aspects of the events. We proposed contemporary styling and clean looking materials in line with EDA’s visual guidelines. In 2018, EU-turn designed an exhibition to create an interactive visual experience with the attendees. The exhibition was structured around 5 towers, each one presenting a domain in which EDA is active: air, maritime, land, space and cyber; each domain was, in turn, developed according to 3 different angles: EU context, EDA achievements, EDA activities.

We’re proud of the slick and stylish environment we created for EDA’s annual conferences several years in a row at the Concert Noble, which were hugely successful. And we’re proud of our continuous collaboration with EDA on such varied communications services.