Assisting in the organisation of Annual Conferences

Campaign management
Digital communication
Social media management
Branding & graphic design
Event management

The Annual Conferences of the European Defence Agency (EDA) are their flagship events. These one-day events attract around 400 high-level speakers and participants from EU institutions, national governments, armed forces and administrations, as well as other stakeholders and the media.

The mission? EU-turn worked in collaboration with the European Defence Agency (EDA) to make each annual conference memorable.

The proposal? From the design of prestigious event materials and the management of subcontractors through to the onsite coordination, EU-turn is responsible for the whole logistical aspects of the event. The styling for the events are always very contemporary. All signage are designed with a clean look in compliance with EDA’s visual guidelines.

The little extra? At the occasion of the 2018 edition, EU-turn designed an exhibition to create an interactive visual experience with the attendees. The exhibition was structured around 5 towers, each one presenting a domain on which EDA is active (air, maritime, land, space and cyber). Each domain was developed according to 3 different angles: EU context, EDA achievements, EDA activities.

The results? EU-turn managed to create a slick and stylish environment within the Concert Noble to house EDA Annual Conferences. The annual conferences of 2016, 2017 and 2018 were hugely successful.