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Graphic Design 

The European Defence Matters (EDM) of the European Defence Agency (EDA) is a magazine that discusses the latest news in EDA’s activities. Featuring diverse topics, the magazine gives an insight of EDA’s work on the field. Already counting for 20 issues, the EDM is targetted at the EU Institutions, Ministry of Defence of EDA’s country members and the industry

 The mission? EDA asked EU-turn to design, produce and distribute the magazine.

The proposal? We designed the publication as a commercial magazine, featuring content related to EDA, MoD and industry. In collaboration with the Agency, we provided copywriting, editing services, design, production and distribution across Europe.

The results? The high-quality content wrapped into a quality design has established the EDM as a recognised publication in its field. As a paper publication, it allows EDA to stay in touch with influencing audiences that would have been otherwise difficult to reach.

 The little extra? A digital version of the magazine allows EDA to communicate on its preferred social media platform and further expand the reach of this flagship publication.