European defence agency

Hybrid Annual Conference


Event Management

The brief If 2020 marked the advent of virtual events, it is the hybrid format that has taken centre stage in 2021. For several years now, we have been supporting the European Defence Agency in the organisation of its annual conference, a high-level event bringing together speakers and participants from all over Europe and beyond. The 2021 EDA’s annual conference however had to master the challenges posed by the hybrid model – maintaining the same level of excellence for both the online and on-site audiences, whilst also meeting the limited capacity pandemic requirements.

Our proposal EU-turn took care of the entire logistical aspect of EDA’s annual conference from start to finish. Our extensive experience in event management allowed us to ensure that the day-long conference was engaging and user-friendly for both physically present and virtual participants. On-site in Brussels, we set up a stage which accommodated both remote and in-person speakers.We also designed an exhibition and networking space to allow participants to easily exchange with one another and live a convivial experience. Lastly, we produced a highlights video to capture the key moments of the day.

We’re proud of nailing the hybrid event model. This slick operation ran like clockwork for the EDA virtual and in-person speakers and participants, facilitating a packed agenda of engaging and pertinent exchanges. We think the hybrid event is a winning formula and is here to stay.