European Defence Agency


Coordinating the recruitment campaign for EDA

Campaign management
Digital communication
Social media management
Reputation management
Branding & graphic design
Content creation
Visual production

EU-turn collaborated with the European Defence Agency (EDA) on creating a digital campaign to promote job openings.

The mission? EDA wanted to attract more candidates to apply for its next job openings, while developing its online presence.

The proposal? Beside of the traditional copywriting, design and monitoring tasks, EU-turn developed an innovative strategy based on audience targeting and bidding. Using a mix of staff images and stock images, the campaign was published on Twitter and LinkedIn.

 The results? EDA has received 50% more applications compared to the previous recruitment campaigns online. The way the campaign was handled demonstrated EDA’s modern and dynamic vision as a Defence agency.  

The Little extra? EDA has kept its followers on social media more easily thanks to a modernistic approach to communication. Candidates who applied to the different positions, also engaged with EDA’s social media feed and therefore contributed to enhancing the agency’s digital footprint. Not only the engagement rate increased but the number of followers ramped up.