European Democratic Party


Coordinating the political campaign “When Europe votes

Campaign management
Digital communication
Social media management
Reputation management
Branding & graphic design
Content creation
Visual production

In advance of the European Parliament elections, the European Democratic Party (EDP) wanted to reach out to voters to present its programme and its candidates.

The mission? EU-turn was responsible for the design and implementation of the entire political campaign: from the development of the content strategy and the production of video clips, through to the layout of the party’s Manifesto.

The proposal? After in-depth research and analysis to pinpoint the EDP positioning, EU-turn’s communication experts developed a results-driven communication plan that included: smart SEO and SEM strategies (including Facebook posts, Facebook Ads and Google Ads), emailings (MailChimp) and print strategies (posters, leaflets and brochures). In order to ensure a local impact of the campaign, EU-turn promoted an interactive approach, using social media to engage with EU citizens and build a cohesive online community. To increase engagement, we focused our communication on visual tools such as facts-focused infographics and future-oriented short videos.

The little extra? To expand the outreach of the campaign, EU-turn addressed a particular attention to press relations and prepared a strategic plan to ensure their involvement.

The results? In just a few weeks, the EDP won 3 additional seats in Parliament and now has 12 MEPs. In addition, the website “” significantly came up in search engines.