“Your Europe- Your Say!” events

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Since 2010, the EESC has invited secondary schools students from the 28 EU Countries and the 5 EU candidates countries to take part in the initiative “Your Europe, Your Say!” to learn first-hand about the EESC and its role in Europe.

During 5 years, EU-turn provided extensive support to the EESC for the organisation of the events and the coordination of their communication activities. We helped with the whole planning and logistics of the event. We sent out the invitation to the secondary schools across EU and then managed the whole registration process. We organised the travel and accommodation arrangements for the participants and took care of them upon their arrival at the Brussels airport. We were also responsible for the decoration of the venue (the EESC premises), the organisation of the assembly-style debate and the ice-breaker games. At the EESC’s request, we additionally set up each year an evening event in unique locations such as the “Musée du Tram” or in a wood-pallet house constructed specifically for the occasion.

Thanks to these events, youngsters were leaving with a solid and unique European professional and cultural experience. Working together as a cohesive team during three days on one common project and meeting, they emerged stronger and bonded. They went home as real ambassadors for the European Project.