European Investment Bank

Communications assistance


Brand listening

The brief The European Investment Bank (EIB) is a public bank, owned by the Member States of the European Union, which supports regional development projects that cannot be funded by the private sector alone and has a separate window for supporting Small and Medium Enterprises. Despite its positive role throughout the years, the bank still lacked a clearly defined image and brand. Therefore, they reached out to partners to support and manage the production of a series of films contributing to the EIB’s image building and brand recognition.

Our proposal EU-turn joined forces with DoubleDouble to come up with films that would emphasize the human dimension of the EIB. We recommended a storytelling approach focusing on individual projects and see through the eyes of those involved, such as beneficiaries or Project Managers. We used large sensors and fixed optics to create a cinema-like aesthetic.

We’re proud of the integrated communication strategy that came out of this collaboration. The different films produced were broadcasted on social media and witnessed a genuine success, impacting the image and the reputation of the EIB positively.