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The European Investment Bank (EIB) is a public bank, owned by the Member States of the European Union. It supports regional development projects that cannot be funded by the private sector alone and has a separate window for supporting SMEs. Despite its positive role down the years, the bank still lacks a clearly defined image or brand.

The mission? EU-turn in collaboration with DoubleDouble had to produce a series of films to contribute to EIB image building and brand recognition.

The proposal? EU-turn and DoubleDouble produced films which break the mould and reinforce the human dimension of the EIB. We suggested to tell the story of individual projets through the eyes of those involved (beneficiaries, Project Managers, etc) to make them more human and more appealing. We also used large sensors and fixed optics to create a more cinema-like aesthetic.

The little extra? EU-turn offered the EIB advice to develop an effective integrated communication strategy as well as a global plan covering short, medium and long term.

The results? The different films produced were broadcasted on social media and witnessed a genuine success. The EIB image and its reputation were both positively impacted.