Visual Communication

Production of animated videos for Eurogas’ digital campaign.

Campaign management
Digital communication
Social media management
Visual production                                                                                                Motion design

Eurogas commissioned ComRes to conduct consumer research to better understand consumers’ preferred heating choices and appetites for various energy resources. Findings suggested that in each of the countries surveyed, there are significant differences of behaviors. EU-turn was asked to to illustrate those findings by the mean of short animations.

 The mission? EU-turn was asked to create short animated videos for Eurogas’ social media campaign. The animated videos were part of a digital campaign aimed at EU stakeholders to demonstrate the importance of gas as an energy source for a majority of EU citizens.

The proposal? EU-turn proposed a series of short graphical animations, based on data visualisation. Each animation highlighted a specific topic of the survey.

 The results? Rather than using standard charts, we illustrated each set of data using pictograms, making it simple for uneducated audiences to understand the purpose of each graph.

The little extra? All graphs have been converted to high-resolution static images to be used in presentations or publications, maximising Eurogas return on investment.