Branding listening 
Branding and design 

The brief GlobeScan is an insight and strategy firm that helps companies, NGOs and governmental organizations build the trust they need to create enduring value for themselves and for society. In fact, their quick growth in recent years challenged the relevance and perception of their own brand.

Our proposal EU-turn took on the challenge to refresh GlobeScan’s visual identity and produced a new brand guideline document defining GlobeScan’s corporate purpose, the brand vision and mission, its values, the brand personality, the tone of voice, the desired brand associations as well as the brand communication assets including a logo, a tagline, a colour palette, a combination of fonts, infographics and templates among others. Finally, we produced a video to introduce the new brand to the company.

We’re proud of how the way GlobeScan’s new visual identity better reflects its mission to unite business and society in envisioning and delivering a sustainable future for all.