Assisting in the organisation of conferences

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In February 2017, the heads of State and Government of G5 Sahel expressed their intention to put into place a joint force conceived to fight terrorism, organised crime and trafficking activities. Trust between the G5 Sahel joint Force and local populations is essential for the successful implementation of this mandate as well as to ensure the protection of the civil population.

Therefore, the EEAS and the Ministries of foreign affairs of Sweden, the Netherlands and Denmark jointly organised – with the assistance of Interpeace – a conference on February 2018 concerning the safeguard of human rights and the strengthening of cooperation and trust-building between the G5 joint Force and the local population in the Sahel region. 

The purpose of the conference was twofold:

  • Contribute to the effective implementation of the non-military constituent elements and to the transfer of arrested people and suspects of terrorism to the criminal justice authorities.
  • Allow the G5, its partners and civil society to exchange their experiences and good practices in terms of relation strengthening and trust-building between military and security forces and local populations.

Contracted by Interpeace, EU-turn delivered assistance for the management of all logistical aspects related to the conference – more specifically, handling the participant list, organising accommodation and travel arrangements for participants flying over from the Sahel region, acting as a primary contact person for the event coordinator of the hotel where the conference took place and overseeing the setup of the conference in the Renaissance hotel.  

For the first time, ministers, high-level representatives, civil society, NGO’s and the European Union gathered together to share their views and experiences concerning human rights and trust-building between security and defense forces and local populations in the Sahel region.   Additional conferences will be organised in the Sahel region (Mali, Niger) to follow-up the discussion that has been created during the conference of 22 February 2018 in Brussels.