Union Syndicale Brussels

Electoral Campaign


Digital intelligence
Branding and design
Brand listening 

The brief In 2018, Union Syndicale Brussels, the biggest trade union in the European Public Service also known as USB sought support for their electoral campaign, with the aim to modernise and strengthen its leadership position.

Our proposal We proposed an integrated communication strategy, including online and offline activities, as well as a few selected promotional and engagement tools. We created a series of posters each featuring one of USB’s key priorities through a question and a wheel for people to spin. Aligned with USB’s visual identity, the red wheel recalled the logo of the organisation creating both a long-lasting visual impact and a unique experience. The same approach was implemented on the bilingual dedicated digital portal. Moreover, EU-turn coached and supported USB candidates in communicating more effectively about the campaign. To guarantee an up-scaling campaign, we also currently monitored the campaign’s performance to identify opportunities for further impact.

We’re proud of how the campaign helped USB foster engagement and start building its community of devoted voters online, as well as a younger electorate, as part of its modernisation goals.