Assisting in the development of a global electoral campaign

Campaign management
Digital communication
Social media management
Reputation management
Branding & graphic design
Content creation
Visual production

On the occasion of the 2018 European Commission union election, Union Syndicale Brussels (USB), the biggest trade union in the European Public Service, asked EU-turn to advise them on their electoral campaign.

The mission? EU-turn’s role was to strengthen and modernise USB’s leadership position by designing and implementing an integrated communication campaign.  This encompassed the development of online and offline content and visual strategies, the creation of a web portal and the elaboration of a social media campaign.

The proposal? EU-turn provided a high-quality data-driven strategy supported by engaging, creative and eco-friendly visual material (posters and leaflets) to distinguish USB from their peers. While the competitors produced thousands of posters and leaflets, we focused more on quality than quantity. Each poster presented a question that matters to USB priorities and encouraged voters to engage thanks to a wheel we affixed to each poster presenting possible answers. Aligned with USB visual identity, the red wheel recalled the logo of the organisation creating both a long-lasting visual impact and a unique experience. The same approach were implemented on the bilingual dedicated digital portal.

The little extra? EU-turn coached and supported USB candidates in communicating more effectively about the campaign. To guarantee an up-scaling campaign, we also monitored its performance to identify opportunities for further impact.

The results ? USB fostered audience engagement and started building their own digital community of devoted voters. Despite the proliferation of union lists and the decreasing number of voters, USB did not lose a seat, thereby enabling the organisation to reconfirm its leadership position. In addition, thanks to the consistently moderate digital campaign, USB managed to modernise its image and reach a younger electorate as desired.