Coordinating a global multi-channel social media campaign.

Creative assets
To mark its 50th anniversary, the World Employment Confederation (WEC) wanted to organise a conference in Paris about labour market dynamics in the digital era.

Upstream of this conference, they wanted to launch a multi-channel social media campaign on these issues. This campaign, called “The Road to Paris”, had a twofold objective. On one hand, to demonstrate that the world of work is changing. On the other hand, to raise awareness on the World Employment Confederation’s role as a labour market enabler.

EU-turn was commissioned to coordinate this international communication campaign. We helped the WEC achieve effective advocacy towards international and European institutions via Twitter and LinkedIn.

Besides designing a wide range of communication tools, EU-turn also took care of the whole copywriting, social media planning and targeting activities.  

Everything had to be perfectly aligned with the World Employment Confederation’s identity and values.

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