09 May 2022

#EUturnMeets Mark Rogerson

Mark is PR professional and former broadcast journalist who has developed and coordinated media and communication strategies for clients throughout the EU, including the European Commission and the European Parliament.  He was Spokesperson for the European Court of Auditors and currently lectures in communications at the Brussels Institute for Journalism.

#EUturnMeets Mark Rogerson

Why do Communications matter?

Communications are an essential part of the democratic process. Citizens need to know what is being proposed and implemented on their behalf, how their money is being spent, and whether their elected representatives are fulfilling their promises.  That’s why dictators always seek complete control of communications.

What are the best and most challenging aspects of communicating in Brussels?

The best is proximity. The Bubble really is quite small and nearly all the main players are within a few minutes of Rond-point Schuman.  Of course, that is also the most challenging (and troubling) aspect. The Bubble is almost totally isolated from the real world and it’s much too easy to lose sight of that.

What’s the best comms-related advice someone has given you?

“Less is more”.

What’s a top tip you can share with us or a tool you could recommend?

“Less is more”.

What changes or trends do you foresee on the horizon?

We have already reached the horizon and the view is not pretty. Political discourse has become more coarse and more polarised. Attacks on an individual’s character are used as a substitute for argument about substance. Impressive-sounding targets are used as substitutes for action.

Inspire us! Name someone we should be following or a campaign we should check out.

Subscribe to the social media feeds of the people you disagree with most. Don’t live your life in your own echo-chamber.

What word should be on everyone’s lips?

3 words: “Check your facts”.

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