clean aviation JU

Branding and visual guidelines


Branding and design

The brief Realising a sustainable aviation industry is paramount to achieving climate neutrality by 2050. The Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking, the EU’s leading research and innovation programme, bringing together public and private partners is on a mission to make this goal a reality. Building on the success of the Clean Sky Joint Undertaking programme, Clean Aviation required a new visual identity and an impactful infographic to illustrate how they will deliver their ambitions.

Our proposal EU-turn designed and drew up a comprehensive visual charter complete with logo, colour palette, all manner of templates…the works. We then crafted a tangible and informative infographic mapping Clean Aviation’s trajectory towards climate neutrality.

We’re proud of supporting this critical powerhouse for research and innovation to boost its visibility and brand recognition and to communicate its mission of achieving a greener aeronautics sector through strong data visualisation.