Communication Strategy


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The brief The majority of Europeans live and work in cities and urban regions. Across Europe, there are some 120 metropolitan regions and areas, which are the larger centres of economic and social life. METREX, the Network of European Metropolitan Regions and Areas, provides a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience on metropolitan affairs. In the context of expanding the network’s presence at the EU level, a new strategic framework was needed to support its renewed ambitions for 2023-2025.

Our proposal To bring together METREX members, board and secretariat into the conception of the communication strategy. Through a thorough audit, a workshop and surveys, for members and stakeholders alike, we were able to identify concrete objectives, key audiences and messages. This allowed for the conceptualisation of a clear communication roadmap for the next three years, which will merge METREX internally into one cohesive vision.

We’re proud of a partnership based on trust that has enabled us to co-construct with METREX a realistic, actionable in-house communication strategy.

METREX - Communication Strategy