Social Media Campaigns 2021 – 2023



The brief The SESAR 3 JU is a private public partnership accelerating the digital transformation of European airspace through cutting-edge technological solutions. Recognising the value of growing a solid social media presence SESAR JU has over a number of years run regular organic and paid dedicated campaigns to enhance their social media activity.

Our proposal To craft timely, well-structured and impactful campaigns that speak to their target audience. Our role is to inspire, to pin down the purpose of a campaign, to prep prose with punch and visuals that stop you scrolling. Next we analyse to be sure we are hitting the mark and maximising performance.

We’re proud of helping the SESAR 3 JU to navigate new tools and trends, to tailor to their target audiences, and to broaden their reach, visibility and overall online digital footprint through topical and pertinent social media campaigns ranging from the promotion of their events or their newest publication to a presentation of members and projects.