The bridge theatre

Pro-bono Communication Strategy


Social and digital intelligence

The brief In 2022, EU-turn launched its first pro-bono call for projects through which we ought to give back to our community by offering a tailored communication strategy to a local socially-minded organisation. The Bridge, the only professional English-speaking theatre in Brussels, intends to “bridge” Brussels’ diverse communities together through a common language. This inclusive, sustainable, and local project successfully won the 2022 pro-bono strategy.

Pioneering on Brussels cultural scene, with quality productions as well as dedicated acting workshops for youth and companies, The Bridge needed an efficient communication strategy that would help them gain more visibility among the English-speaking bubble and catch the attention of the cultural sector.

Our proposal EU-turn conducted an audit of The Bridge’s social media accounts, website, and newsletter. Based on the data collected, we identified the target audiences on which we built the communication objectives and messaging. We provided them with a 3-step communication plan comprising concrete actions and deliverables to be implemented in-house.

We’re proud of having helped The Bridge to build their first communication strategy in line with their vision. It will support them in starting their second year on solid bases to continue attracting the English-speaking communities of Brussels and broaden their audience.